Noblesville SisterCities 

Guidelines for Student Candidates


Program Objectives


The mission of the Noblesville SisterCities committee is to provide Noblesville, Indiana youth with an opportunity for intercultural experiences, building leadership skills and understanding with our SisterCities Partners of Nova Prata, Brazil and Cittadella, Italy. Our goal is that this experience will create awareness and cooperation between cultures through an immersion experience with a host family.


General Information


  1. A maximum of four high school students from Noblesville will be selected each year. The SisterCities Youth Committee will make the selection.

  2. The student’s age must be between 16 and 19 such that:  this will be the student’s age during the period of the trip and he/she is not a university student. Graduates of the class of 2019 are welcome to apply.

  3. Adult chaperones will accompany the students.

  4. Selected students and their parents must attend informational meetings prior to the trip. These meetings will give the participants a chance to meet others taking the trip, gain needed knowledge and have questions answered.

  5. Program activities, lodging, food and local transportation will be the responsibility of the host city.

  6. Students will be assigned to home stays by the host city.

  7. Each student will be responsible for his/her own airfare, passport, visa and spending money.

  8. Noblesville SisterCities will provide each student health coverage, including emergency medical evacuation, for the duration of the trip.

  9. The length of the trip will be approximately TEN days, July 20th – July 30th, 2020.   

*Note the return date is close to the start of the new school year. Students involved in sports, band, etc. will need to clear their absence with their coach/director.  School starts 8/3/20.

  1. All students and chaperones will travel together in a group both going and returning. SisterCities will assist in finding the cheapest airfare for the best service.

  2. A valid passport, which extends beyond the travel date, is required. Please note it may take 6 weeks to process a new passport application. A passport is required to start the visa application process. The SisterCities Committee will assist with this application.

  3. The selected candidate’s parents/legal guardian must complete the health information, authorization for medical care, code of conduct, trip permission and other pertinent forms.

  4. Upon their return, participants are encouraged to report on their experience at a Noblesville SisterCities meeting and hopefully volunteer with Sister Cities for future events.


Program Costs


  • Round-trip airfare from Indianapolis (IND) to Venice, Italy (VCE) (est. cost- $1,200)

  • Passport (estimated cost -$145 adult)

  • Spending money while in Italy ($1 = €0.90)


Application Timeline and Instructions


                  March 6, 2020                     Final date for submission of complete application

                  March 16 – 18                     Personal interviews with applicants

                  March 26, 2020                        Announcement of selected candidates

                  April 10, 2020                      Information sent to Cittadella, Italy

                  May TBD                              Make travel arrangements, orientation

                  May TBD                              Notification of host family placements in Italy

                  July 20 – 30, 2020               Travel to Cittadella, Italy

Application Process


1.  Complete the application form.


​2.  Write an essay explaining your interest in being part of an exchange to Italy and what you hope to learn.  Include information about why you would be a good candidate.  Include hobbies, interests, honors received, previous travel experience, and foreign language exposure.  Also, describe how you propose to relate your experiences in Italy to classmates and the community upon your return.  This essay should be no more than one page in length.

4.  Obtain two letters of reference from adults (not members of your immediate family) who will explain why you would be a good selection for this trip.  It should include information about how you interact in groups and what contributions you can make to the group.


5.  Participate in a brief, personal interview with the selection committee.  


Completed applications, essays, and letters of reference must be submitted online or to NHS teacher Hannah Dwyer in the Social Studies department no later than Friday, March 6, 2020. 


All applicants will be notified of your selection status on or before Thursday, March 26, 2020.