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"The hardest part about any trip is leaving to go home because when you are in one of your Sister Cities, you are already home."

                                   - Francesca Pavan, Italy

"Sister Cities has given me opportunities to see things that I would have never have seen otherwise. My worldview has changed because of this organization."

                                           - Chase Elliott, USA

"Sister Cities is an incredible experience to meet different people, learn cultures, and make friendships. I miss every moment we were all together."

                               - Eduarda Polleselo, Brazil

"Sister Cities gave me the opportunity to make life long friends and memories that I will never forget. I learned so much, and had so much fun, while at the same time developing a better global perspective of the complex world we live in."

                                                         - Zach Baker, USA

"Sister cities made me understand that bordes don't matter. We can bond, collaborate and learn even when we are thousands of miles apart! "

                                       - Alessia Toniato, Italy

"Since being blessed with the experience that Sister Cities provided, I've learned a lot about other cultures and how different yet the same they are to mine!"

                                                 - Mia Kerr, USA

"Sister Cities is important to every city involved. We share our homes with people we have never met or seen, but by the end, you have another family in another country."

                                       - Kely Capelari, Brazil 

"The bonds created will last a lifetime and the times I've shared with friends from abroad and from home will never be forgotten."

                                          - Mitch Brown, USA

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